Kentucky is at the heart of a new energy future for America.

Developing homegrown renewable energy is a key to the future. Vast forest resources make Kentucky one of the most productive states for creating woody biomass energy.

Recognizing this potential, ecoPower Generation, LLC was formed in 2009 to develop, build and operate wood powered biomass facilities in Eastern Kentucky. Located in Perry County, ecoPower’s first facility, a 58 megawatt power plant—producing enough energy to power 30,000 homes—will be the first of its kind in Kentucky.

Woody biomass electricity is a common form of bioenergy, also called “biomass power.” The process uses wood-derived organic matter to make steam and electicity. Low quality logs, forest residuals, wood chips, sawdust and bark left over from sawmill lumber production will be converted into electricity at the “ecoPower Generation – Hazard” plant. By purchasing thousands of tons of these materials each year, ecoPower will provide an economic boost to our state’s logging, timber and transportation industries and provide a long-term market for lumber production residuals.

“ecoPower is turning sawmill by-products and low quality logs into electricity. No high value hardwood logs will be used to fuel this plant.”
Gary Crawford, Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

To be a leading generator of clean, sustainable, renewable bioenergy in the eastern United States.

Our Vision

To operate a network of bioenergy electric generation facilities, while working in partnership with local communities to create new jobs for American workers, enhance the sustainability of our forests, and build a reliable domestic energy infrastructure for future generations.