Community Focus: Creating Jobs

During development of the Perry County project, more than 200 construction jobs will be created. Once operational, the plant will sustain more than 500 jobs in the area in operations, fuel supply, and supporting industries. By purchasing tons of wood by-product materials from Eastern Kentucky sawmills to fuel the plant, ecoPower will also create sustainable jobs for Kentucky’s timber harvesting and transportation industries.

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Forest Bioenergy: A Better Solution

Energy Independence

Promotes use of domestic renewable energy.

Safer Forests

Reduces wild fire risk.


Offsets greenhouse gas emissions.

Market Stimulation

Creates a market to sell underutilized low-quality logs and other wood by-products.

Job Creation

Creates new jobs and enhances rural economies.

Healthy Forests

Improves forest health and sustainability.

Wood Power

Improving Forest Health

ecoPower will help landowners grow healthier and more productive forests. Until now, landowners were unable to market the low quality, fire damaged logs that prevent the regrowth of high quality trees whose hardwood lumber will be prized by future generations.

Environmentally Friendly

The development of bioenergy will help many eastern Kentucky forest landowners remove low quality logs from their forests to make way for the regrowth of vigorous new forests for future generations. Vigorous, healthy forests turn carbon dioxide into wood more efficiently.

Wood Procurement Policy

Sustainable forestry utilizes forest management practices that ensure that forests are improved for future generations. ecoPower encourages forest landowners to use best management practices to protect water quality, cultural resources and endangered species.